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Welcome to Japari Park (ようこそジャパリパークへ)

2017/11/08 MSK 007 demo MSK 008 MSK 010
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Opening theme from the hit anime series "Kemono Friends." Many thanks to YouTube's Akuryou Taisan (2hu4u) for the MIDI arrangement on which this is based. Demo of the North Coast MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF.

This is multitracked, with 30 separate recordings mixed down on the computer, and all of them feature the MSK 007 Leapfrog one way or another. The leads are various combinations of analog VCO waveforms (with hard sync in some of them), all put through the MSK 007 in more or less straightforward subtractive patches. The hooting noises near the start, and bird trills near the end, are from the MSK 007 in feedback mode as a sine oscillator, with linear FM; for the hoots, there's also an envelope driving the voltage-controlled feedback input to give it a bit of instability in the attack and decay. For the percussion (emphasized in the mix a bit more than I would in a non-demo track) it's all over the place: envelope "pings" into the filter input with resonance for clean pitched drum sounds, noise bursts for snare-like sounds, noise input with filter sweeps for cymbals, and so on. And I did some stuff with overdrive and careful inharmonic oscillator mixing to get the bell sounds that pop up occasionally. (Patch notes specific to bells are in this Web log entry.) Also liberal use of the North Coast MSK 008 Octave Switch and MSK 010 Fixed Sine Bank in most of the patches.

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