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MSK 010 Fixed Sine Bank melody demo

2017/08/02 MSK 010 demo
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Several outputs of the MSK 010 mixed and quantized to generate a melody. There's a bit of the Turing Machine slowly-changing repetition thing going on here as a result of the interplay between the MSK 010's frequencies and that of the Pittsburgh LFO that triggers the envelopes; but the sequence here is not random, it's deterministially generated by the mixture of sine waves going into the quantizer. Timbre from an Erica Polivoks VCF, and a little bit of pulse width modulation from one of the fast outputs of the MSK 010. I'd wanted to trigger the envelopes from the MSK 010 also, but discovered that even though the voltage is sufficient, my Pittsburgh ADSRs require a sharp edge and not a sine wave in order to trigger.

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