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[track art]Tachyonic rag2016/08/25[MP3] [FLAC]
Conceptual ragtime. See if you can guess the concept.
[track art]Bluegreen rag (Pocket Miku version)2015/12/26[MP3] [FLAC]
Classic rag, sequenced on the Pocket Miku.
[track art]Bluegreen rag2015/12/26[MP3] [FLAC]
Classic rag.
[track art]Ten P.M. rag (22-EDO)2015/09/24[MP3] [FLAC]
Jazzy experimental rag in 22-EDO.
[track art]Flavordynamic rag2015/09/14[MP3] [FLAC]
Classic rag. Quantum flavordynamics is the theory of the weak force, which mumble mumble radioactive decay.
[track art]Johnny-Whoops rag2015/09/08[MP3] [FLAC]
Classic rag played on the Pocket Miku under USB control. I wrote most of this on a day I spent sick in bed with the flu, too weak to do anything else.